Glass splashbacks are the most popular now in contemporary kitchens and also the most expensive. They are not a DIY product. Glass does not scratch and is easily cleaned just like your windows. Colours are painted behind the glass and then the glass is tempered for safety which adds to the cost. Cut outs and power point holes can be included. It is recommended that this is measured by the company installing the splashback and must be measured after the benchtop is installed. The process takes about 7-10 days from measure to installation for our glass splashbacks in Perth and glass splashbacks in Sydney.

Three types of glass.

  • Float glass has a greenish tinge to the glass and any colour painted on the back of the glass is viewed though the greenish tinge glass. Commonly the white painted behind the glass gives that soft greenish colour commonly seen in glass splashbacks.

  • Starphire glass is an almost colourless glass (a very slight greenish tint still exists). Any colour painted behind the glass is a very close match to the chosen colour. Smartpack offers to colour match any dulux colour. The customer must clearly understand that any colour used, is not an exact match when viewed through the starphire glass. There is more prominent difference is lighter than stronger and darker colours.

  • Magic mirror is a bronzed mirror toughened and then used to make the room look bigger. Effective in a galley style kitchen.

    Float Glass  Starphire Glass  Magic Mirror

In all glass splashbacks it must be noted that the light conditions and reflections affect the final colour in the kitchen situation. Tempered glass splashback is fine behind a cooktop.


Zenolite is a new ,high gloss acrylic panel that can be cut on site and installation does not need a professional. It has a high gloss glass appearance. It does not have the installation restrictions or the cost of glass. It is Australian made ,fully recyclable and has a 10year UV warranty. It has 25 times the impact resistance of glass and is light weight compared to glass. Fabrication can be done using standard woodworking tools and can be glued to the wall with standard sealant or liquid nails. The colour is integrated into the product not sprayed on the back.No mouldings are necessary because the edges have the same colour as the surface.There are 9 colours available.

Zenolite splashback  Zenolite colour range  

It cannot be used directly behind a stove or heat source . To overcome this stainless steel panel can be used in this position with the zenolite butting into the stainless steel. Sheet sizes are 2465 x 1240mm x 6mm and can be cut into 4.8m of splashback 600 high for a cost of $820 incl GST. The other size is 3640 x 1240mm at a cost of $1200 incl GST Zenolite is cleaned with diluted solution of non abrasive detergent and a soft cloth. Scrathes and minor scuffing can be removed by simply polishing the Zenolite. A stainless steel splashback is required behind the cooktop. This is also available from smartpack for $360 for 600 x 690 mm.(as shown below) and 660 x 900 with ladel bar $430 or without ladel bar $375. 


Seratone Metallics is a lightweight, high-density fibreboard coated with a multi-layered paint system. The finish is smooth and non-porous, providing a tough, durable surface that easily resists marks, stains, steam or moisture.

Seratone is easy to work with. The fibreboard substrate can be cut, shaped and curved to meticulous standards with simple woodworking tools and attached to the wall with sealants or liquid nails. A wide range of joining options (including colour matched silicone sealants and aluminium jointers) make it possible to achieve a vast array of different looks including a near seamless, monolithic appearance.

One sheet of Seratone will give 5.4m x 597mm of splashback for $600 incl GST and the matching mouldings 2.4m long cost $80.
Seratone is easy to clean using non abrasive detergent and a soft cloth. A stainless steel splashback is required behind the cooktop. This is also available from smartpack for $360 for 600 x 690 mm. (See picture below)

Sheet Size: 2700mm x 1200mm x 4.75mm thick

Colour: Range Seratone Metallics Colour Range Seratone Metallics Ice Seratone Metallics Crystal Seratone Metallics Lava Seratone Metallics Copper Seratone Metallics Glass Seratone Metallics Pearl Seratone Metallics Sand Seratone Metallics Graphite Seratone Metallics Charcoal Seratone Metallics
Steel Colours are indicative only and may vary from actual product colour. For an accurate representation, please request a sample.

 Seratone splashback  Seratone colour chart


Laminate splashbacks are supplied in laminate form or applied to a 6mm or 9mm mdf back panel in any laminate finish. It is applied to the wall with silicone or liquid nails and edges are finished with silicone sealant. A sheet of of laminate will provide 2 x 3600x 600mm pieces of splashback for approximately $750 incl GST. A feature of this type of splashback is that it is very hard wearing and can be matched to the benchtop. Cleaning with non abrasive detergent and soft rag. It is heat resistant to 150 degrees Centigrade but must be installed 200mm away from a naked flame.or a stainless steel splashback is required behind the cooktop. This is also available from smartpack for $360 for 600 x 690 mm. (see above)

 Laminate Splashback


Smartpack does not offer tiles as an option but the customer can organise their own tile splashbacks. Groute between the tiles absorbs oils and fats and needs regular regrouting to stay hygenic and attractive.Here is a picture of a mosaic splashback. Tiles are fine for installation behind a gas cooktop.

 Mosaic Tile Splashback
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