Granite, Marble, Onyx, Limestone and Travetine Benchtops



 is an attractive and widely occurring type of igneous rock. A hard and durable stone that has a medium to coarse texture or grain. Granites can be pink to dark grey or even black, depending on their chemistry and mineralogy. Being a hard and durable stone, granite has the ability to be polished to a mirror finish and has a variety of indoor or outdoor applications including flooring, bench tops and walls. Marble is a metamorphic rock that began as limestone. 


comes in a wonderful variety of colours created from a combination of heat, pressure and chemical and mineral elements in the stone. Marble is extremely versatile and is extensively used to create flooring, bench tops and art pieces. The word “marble” is colloquially used to refer to many other stones that are capable of taking a high polish. 


is a beautiful artistic stone with translucent features that when light is shone through it literally brings it to life creating stunning natural patterns of colour and shadow. Onyx is the perfect choice for mood enhancing lamps, softly lit tables or wall art. 


is a widely used sedimentary rock, vying only with granite and sandstone to be the most commonly used architectural stone in the world. Often containing fossil specimens which give limestone a unique and earthy appeal, limestone can be used for many applications and has a warm, aesthetic appeal that cannot be beaten


is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. The surface of Travertine never gets hot; this is due to the lack of metal content in the stone. Travertine is an excellent choice for pool, patio, kitchen and bathroom flooring, bench tops, wall cladding and even driveways. 

For a selection of colours from our stone supplier we have an ebook brochure or you to download with all the available colours of the natural stones for your benchtop, vanity top and  tiles.

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