DYOS Application Download for Kitchens and Home Office


We pride ourselves on modern kitchen designs which suit your own design style and budget. That’s why we want you to try the Design your own Dream kitchen or laundry (DYOS) Program and turn your kitchen design ideas into your own masterpiece!

From large to small kitchen designs, you simply input your room specifications, choose your finishes, view the design in 3D, cost the design instantly to make savings, then email the design to us. You can also redesign as often as you want. We will advise you on your design once we receive the DYOS file or drawing.

 From dreams using 3D DYOS  To reality using Smartpack
Try the DYOS program and give us a call to have a free video consultation with an expert design consultant who can share the design process on screen.

DYOS design procedure.
1. Open a new design and enter the dimensions of the room, windows and doors.
2. Select the cabinets type and then the cabinet style and size. Click and drag the cabinet into the room and release the cabinet image overlapping the adjacent image or wall slightly. The program will position the cabinet correctly. If the orientation of the cabinet is incorrect then select the rotation button on the toolbar under the Room image. Available space left and right of the cabinet is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen.
Please note that there are cabinets to suit 2 different finished heights (2100mm and 2300mm)It is advisable to start in the corners with a corner unit.
3. Double click the cabinets that have exposed sides to select panels (of the same finish as the doors) to cover these exposed sides.You can also select the cabinet (one click) and select the magnifying glass to then select the panel (left or right).
4. Select benchtop ,door,handle and kickboard finishes.
5.Select list from the Toolbar to list your chosen cabinets and finishes.
6. Select Print to preview and print the kitchen design,benchtop layout, finishes, panels and filler list.
7. Select Price tab on the toolbar to get the price of your design.
You can save the design or start another design.
Please email your design to have our Smartpack help desk designer check the design and email it back to you with a price for the benchtops and delivery.
To email your design and order , click the email button.

Thank you for using our Design Your Own Smartpack kitchen design program.

If you have trouble with the 3D please read the HELP file below to check for the latest Java version

If you trouble downloading the program please follow the following procedure to check and download the latest Java webstart version.
Procedure for downloading DYOS
1. Go to http://www.dextercoder.org/java_settings.html and click the link java.com download page and download the latest Java version 5. On completion verify the installation by clicking on the Verify button on the same page. 2. Now click on and download the DYOS file from the Smartpack site www.smartpackkit.com.au infocentre. 3.It will then ask to save the sdyos.jnlp file to the desktop. Confirm this. 4. Now open the Java icon on the control panel and click the advanced tab. Click on the create shortcut and select the "prompt user" option. Close the control panel. 5.Go to the desktop and and double click on the sdyos.jnlp file and it will automatically download and install all the 3d Java and Dyos files needed. It will open the program on completion. 6. The next time you use the program on line or offline use the Dyos shortcut on your desktop. Happy designing!

For help with setting a shortcut on your desktop please visit http://www.dextercoder.org/java_settings.html . Here you will find mny other Java related questions answered.

Once installed just click the icon to open the program and design and cost your dream kitchen.

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