Laundry Accessories

Accessories can be retrofitted or used in a new laundry design.

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Dress Hanger Holder

7 Hook Rack Angle adjustable. Good for shallow depth robes. Fit the hanger against the back of robe Finish: Chrome 285w x 50h x 50d mm

Easy Iron Deluxe
Galvanised Sheet metal Cabinet with Door Ironing Centre can be Recessed or Surface Mounted Integrated Cotton Coated Rayon Ironing Board Cover O, 45, 90 Degree Swivel Ironing Board 3 Tier Ironing Board Levels Automatic off Timer Built In 40 Watt Light 1248 x 360 x 145mm
Laundry basket Pullout
Laundry basket pullout
Laundry hopper basket
Laundry Hopper with flap stay and spring and tip latch