LeMans blind corner pullout Classic style

Left hand/right hand
Door Size option
  • For complete and unrestricted access to the corner cabinet
  • When the cuboard door is opened, the shelves are turned to the frontindependently of one another and then swivelled out of the cabinet completely.
  • Suitable for 900 and 1000 mm wide corner cabinets
  • Minimum internal cabinet depth 500 mm
  • Internal cabinet height 600 - 750 mm for base units or 1265 mm for high boards
  • Load capacity 20 kg/shelf classic shelves, melamine coated white wooden shelves with anti-slip special coatingSteel railing
  • Pivot arm needs to be ordered separately
  • Set contains:2 swivel mechanisms
  • 2 Classic STYLE non-slip shelves
  • Drilling gauge
  • Hettich product

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