The intention of this section is to give a person considering a new Smartpack product the resources to design their own kitchen and to view the assembly instructions and cabinet assembly drawings and see how easy it is to assemble and install a kit.

  1. Customer Photo gallery.
  2. The tried and tested method of sticking templates on a grid is also available under Layout planner to print the grid and templates for your design.
  3. Planning a kitchen layout.
  4. Cabinet Assembly Drawings
  5. Assembly Instructions
  6. Packaging and shipment
  7. Warranties
  8. Brochures and ebooks
  9. Useful links

We have laid bare the process ,product and pricing for you to see that a beautiful, well made kitchen, home office, laundry and wardrobe is not difficult to design , price and install. All our distributors are happy to assist in checking your designs or order before you are committed.
Once you have installed one kit you will be back for more. Most of our customers have been. (see our reference page)

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