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The advantages of ordering a flatpack kitchen online

Retail vs online

You might think that the best way to order a new flatpack kitchen is to visit a retailer. Fact is, there is an even better way: the advantages of ordering a flatpack kitchen online is that you can customise your kitchen to your exact needs.

Online advantage

Our online advantage is that our flatpack kitchens are customised and made-to-measure. This means you can design your new kitchen whether you have a large, medium or small space.

Remember, too, that many of the flatpacks available from retailers are modular and so the size options they offer may be restrictive. So you have to build your kitchen to their specifications not yours.


Our online solution provides a great selection of finishes – offering you a new customisable kitchen in both size and look.

Plus, our flatpack kitchens are made with the quality-assured ISO standard of manufacturing and they are locally made here in Australia.

Hardware choices

As for hardware, we have three choice of Blum hardware, premium, executive and standard which will suit any kitchen and any budget.

Easy process

We understand that you may need help should you need it. So if you are feeling a little daunted about ordering a flatpack kitchen online, let us put you at ease. The 4-step process is simple and we can help guide you through each one. You can use our online layout design tool, too.

Chat service

We offer a chat service with a design consultant who can talk with you through the ordering process or answer any questions you may have about your design ideas.

1. Planning stage

An important step in ordering a flatpack kitchen online is planning your kitchen and what it will need. As a part of that, measuring the space available is an important step. Consider these points (there may be others, too):

  • Measure to the outside of architraves for all windows and doors
  • Measure height of the room from the floor to the ceiling
  • Note overhead bulkheads that may limit standard installation
  • The height from the floor to any windows to ensure that cabinets and benchtops fit.

Online templates

Remember that you can use our online templates to work out your sizing and you can order the individual components and finishes.

2. Design step

Make a list of the features you definitely want in your kitchen and think about focusing on three work zones such as storage, washing and cooking – also known as a working triangle. Colours, finishes, benchtops, splashback, drawer types all come into consideration at this stage.

3. Ordering

When determining the layout of the room you can drop and drag components to order. When you’re ready to order, choose the external finishes of the cabinetry such as doors and panels.

4. Delivery – Special offer

The last step in ordering your new flatpack kitchen online involves delivery. It can be delivered in flatpack form or pre-assembled (at request). We currently have a special offer of *free delivery if customers purchase cabinetry to a minimum value of $3500 (including GST) and the order is placed before December 31 2018.

*Please click here for the special offer terms & conditions.

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