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Start the New Year with a new flatpack kitchen

Dec 13, 2019

New year, new kitchen So you are probably looking forward to the festive season gatherings and festivities with family and friends knowing full well that you will probably indulge in far too much in Christmas cake with all the trimmings! What better way to burn off those extra kilojoules by starting the New Year with a new flatpack kitchen. DIY […]

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How to build the best flatpack entertainment cabinet for your home

Nov 8, 2019

As the end of the year gets closer, many of us breathe out a collective sigh of relief as we look forward to more leisure time with our families over the warmer months and the festive season. It’s time for shorts, thongs, barbeques and sport. And with summer just around the corner, there is no better time to consider a […]

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How to fashion your kitchen the way you want it

Oct 7, 2019

Emotional response As anyone who has ever bought a property to live in, our reaction to walking around a home for the very first time is very emotional. We tend to have fairly immediate reactions to it: we either love it, feel so-so about it or dismiss it. The same goes with one of the most important rooms in the […]

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Flatpack kitchens: how it can change your next DIY project

Why spring is the time to start your DIY home renovations

Sep 16, 2019

New lease of life There is something about spring that is uplifting and joyous. Perhaps because the season symbolises growth, freshness and renewal, many people feel a new lease of life as the temperatures rise, the birds chirp and the days get longer – many of us just want to do more and that can include DIY flatpack home renovations. […]

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Flatpack kitchens

Why flatpack kitchens are the perfect solution

Aug 14, 2019

Smart spending Some people are quite willing to spend many, many thousands of dollars on a new kitchen, a complete renovation or refit because they believe forking out mega-bucks in the thousands means quality. Quality is there While that might have been true once, flatpack kitchens are the perfect solution because that same demand for quality is also there – […]

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How our online designer can help your DIY flatpack project / Smartpack Kitchens

How our online designer can help your DIY flatpack project

Jul 11, 2019

Help is at hand It may be your first big DIY flatpack project or you may be an old hand at assembling a new kitchen, laundry or home office but even the most experienced of us can get stuck or want more information at some point over a hinge, door runner or the right cabinet material and colour. This is […]

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Made to measure bathroom

How to select the right toilet

Jun 14, 2019

Brrrr, cold! Of course, many of us grew up with outdoor dunnies which were grin-and-bear-it rooms in the heart of a freezing winter and when the move was finally made to install the toilet indoors, it seemed like the dawning of a glorious new era, as we could at last say goodbye to those arduous trips to the coldest room […]

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How to stay warm this winter / Smartpack Kitchens

How to stay warm this winter

Apr 23, 2019

Rug up! To borrow a well-known catchphrase from a very popular TV series on air at the moment: winter is coming. If you are planning a DIY flatpack kitchen reno or new installation soon, it is a great idea to think about how to stay warm this winter in that space. Think ahead No-one wants to hang out in a […]

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How high-tech fridges will shape your DIY kitchen design / Smartpack

How high-tech fridges will shape your DIY kitchen design

Apr 11, 2019

Smart devices in the home The Internet of Things (loT) is a concept that many of us saw emerge in industries such as agriculture and transport before it began making its way into our homes. While we are now used to having a series of smart devices in the home such as security systems and room lighting controlled by apps […]

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