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5 Things to Consider when Purchasing a Flatpack Office

May 8, 2018

Flatpack offices are popular We may still be a few years off having a robot or two put together our flatpack furniture as an everyday event, but there is no doubt that this style of furniture remains very popular. With more people working from home – or at a work station – these days, it’s a good idea to examine […]

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Things to consider before your kitchen renovation / Smartpack Kit

Things to consider before your kitchen renovation

Apr 11, 2018

Money talks A kitchen renovation can symbolise a mixture of excitement and concern. You could be impatient for a long-wanted upgraded kitchen but be a bit worried about costs. Here are some things you need to consider before your kitchen renovation. We all know renovations cost money, so what are some things you can do to reduce costs in your […]

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Four simple steps to consider with your flatpack kitchen

Mar 7, 2018

Some people get nervous about the idea of installing a stylish flatpack kitchen because are not really sure what the process involves. That’s why we want to discuss the four simple steps you will need to consider with your flatpack kitchen. Step One Step one involves planning your flatpack kitchen. This includes looking at the room where your new flatpack […]

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How do you create a bright and light kitchen? / SmartPack Kitchen Cabinets Australia

How do you create a bright and light kitchen?

Feb 14, 2018

Heart of the home If you are about to build a new kitchen or undergo a major renovation, then congratulations! The kitchen is considered the heart of the home for many Australians and a question that is front and centre of the reno process is: how do you create a bright and light kitchen? It all counts The two things […]

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Flat pack kitchen renovation

How to add thousands to the value of your property with a flatpack kitchen renovation

Jan 12, 2018

Most of us would agree that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. When it comes time to an upgrade, remodel or to alter the space, here’s how to add thousands to the value of your property with a flat pack kitchen renovation. Emotional connection Most property experts agree that a kitchen renovation is one […]

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Made to measure bathroom

Measure Twice, Cut Once – Designing A Made-To-Measure Bathroom

Dec 18, 2017

Our advantage So you want to design a made-to-measure bathroom? Too easy! But if you’re unsure of where to begin or you’re in need of some inspiration, one of the Smartpack advantages is that we have prepared several template projects that you can edit or use as is for your DIY project including bathroom vanities. Company culture Our mission is […]

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Flatpack laundry

How To Create A Trendy And Sophisticated Flatpack Laundry Within Budget

Nov 14, 2017

Laundry plans If you’re planning or are in the midst of a home renovation that involves doing up your laundry, you may have thought your only option is a conventional – and costly – upgrade or replacement. Not anymore! Flatpack laundries offer you all manner of choices and sizes and they’re far easier to install and assemble than you might […]

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Flatpack kitchens

Trends in DIY flatpack kitchens

Oct 16, 2017

Times are a changing There was a time when DIY flatpack kitchens were the poor relative of custom kitchens. However, thanks to the rise of popularity all things DIY, and accessible products to match that, that’s no longer the case. A properly installed DIY flatpack kitchen will look just as splendid as a custom kitchen. So what are the trends […]

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Kitchen Planning

Kitchen Planning – Do you have the Right Zones?

Sep 21, 2017

When considering a kitchen redesign, before looking at desired materials, appliances or other fixtures, you need to consider the zones of a kitchen. This may be a new idea for you, but a kitchen is broken down into several different zones. Looking at how each section works within the kitchen and for your own personal needs is essential and will […]

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