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How To Create A Trendy And Sophisticated Flatpack Laundry Within Budget

Laundry plans
If you’re planning or are in the midst of a home renovation that involves doing up your laundry, you may have thought your only option is a conventional – and costly – upgrade or replacement. Not anymore! Flatpack laundries offer you all manner of choices and sizes and they’re far easier to install and assemble than you might imagine. Here’s how to create a trendy and sophisticated flatpack laundry within budget.

Pleasant, modern space
Gone are the days when laundries are a dull, purely functional space to toss your dirty washing. Today, laundries can be vibrant, fun, neat and a pleasant addition to your home.

Choices galore
The first pleasing element about a flatpack laundry is that you will still be able to consider plenty of design ideas and sizes based on your home’s needs.

Storage solutions
The second trendy and sophisticated element that a flatpack laundry can offer is plenty of storage solutions such as a wide range of internal products with slide out units/slide out waste bins and laundry baskets. As they’re designed to fit any space, a flatpack laundry comes in a wide range of colours, materials and finishes – all within your budget.

Cupboards, what to look for
The laundry cupboards, kitchen cupboards and vanity units will offer a trendy and sophisticated design solution. Look for ones manufactured using quality, high moisture resistant board. You need to be aware that they may not be waterproof but are the highest quality available in the world today. Check to see that all products are manufactured to Australian Standards.

As with kitchen cupboards, you will be able to choose laundry cabinets and vanity units that are all custom sized. Ensure that all cupboards have solid backs and are all mortice and tenon construction.

Benchtops, what to consider
You will be able to choose flatpack laundry benchtops and vanity benchtops in laminate, in a wide selection of colours and finish in a choice of matte finishes (and gloss finish in some colours). Remember that laminate is good value and is easier to care for in a hard-wearing space. If you prefer your sophisticated and trendy flatpack laundry can be installed with man-made imitation granite and marble. With all these terrific options, how to create a trendy and sophisticated flatpack laundry within budget is at your fingertips.

Your DIY laundry is easier than you thought so don’t delay and contact us today to discuss your options.

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