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What to factor in when building your flatpack kitchen online

Roll up your sleeves

Being handy with tools, design and measurements will certainly be a bonus if you are thinking about building your kitchen online. You may not need to be all that handy, though, as there are ways to get the help you need no matter what your level of expertise. So what do you need to factor in when building your flatpack kitchen online?

You’re in control

The first is to feel confident and inspired – this is your “baby” as you will be the designer when it comes to figuring out the layout, finishes and colours.

Any size

Keep in mind that flatpack kitchens can usually be modified to suit many different spaces, large, medium or small. Be ready to draw on reserves of patience as planning to build your kitchen online takes planning and attention to detail.

Team effort

Another thing to factor in when building your kitchen online is that you don’t have to do it completely on your own. You can talk to your flatpack company to get hands-on advice and ask them to take you through everything each step of the way.

Quality counts

We would urge that you look for flatpack kitchens that have quality components such as ours. Better hinges and drawer runners will make the kitchen work better and last longer. It’s worth paying a little more for quality fittings and you will still save money in the long term.

Choose ahead

It is a good idea to choose your appliances – cooker, stove, fridge, dishwasher etc – before you start designing. That’s because it is far easier to design and build a kitchen around appliances than it is to find appliances to match specific requirements.

Hold off on buying these appliances as you may have to tweak things during the design. It’s also a good idea to have appliances in mind when building cabinets.

Balance your needs with size

This is probably so obvious nonetheless it’s worth stating that it’s difficult to fit large appliances in a small kitchen. Make sure to know your priorities so you make the right choices for the space.

Remember too that all appliances need some working space around them. You don’t want to put a stove in a corner and then find you won’t be able to turn your pot handles because there is no working space around it. Plus, it might be a fire hazard!

Layout design

You will need to design a kitchen layout to suit the space and your needs. This is when online kitchen planning tools come in really handy.

Prepare your space

The next step is to prepare your space. If it’s an old kitchen that is being redone, make sure the walls are smoothed and uneven floors remedied. Walls need to be structurally sound to take the weight of cabinets and stud walls will need to be marked where the studs go so you can screw components to them. Book an electrician and plumber to do any prep work required.

Measurements moment

Probably the most daunting part of building your kitchen online is getting the measurements right. This is an area where experience helps. Use tools such as a spirit level or laser level, tape measure and pencil to mark a horizontal line on the wall where the top of the base cabinets and base of the overhead cabinets will sit. Get help if you need to.

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