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How to fashion your kitchen the way you want it

Emotional response

As anyone who has ever bought a property to live in, our reaction to walking around a home for the very first time is very emotional. We tend to have fairly immediate reactions to it: we either love it, feel so-so about it or dismiss it. The same goes with one of the most important rooms in the home: the kitchen.

Yes or no

Depending on how we feel about this space, your decision about whether you could see the property as your forever home will most probably be made. It would be a rare individual who bought a house, but strongly disliked the kitchen. This warm, homely and inviting space is one most of us want to spend lots of time in preparing and eating a meal with loved ones.

Make it yours

But, let’s say, you did find such a property…. One of the best things about DIY flatpack kitchens, which have really come of age in recent years, is that you can fashion your kitchen just the way you want it.

So, say, you found a piece of real estate that ticked all the boxes, but you had some reservations about the kitchen, you no longer have to put it on the will-not-buy list – and that can be a great relief.

Future vision

The emotive response you will have every time you walk into your newly designed kitchen – whether it be to make a cup of coffee or prepare a meal – ought to be one of delight because you’re thrilled with the layout, the cabinetry, the colour scheme, the storage, the light fixtures, the benchtops and splashback, and how the overall look of the space perfectly blends in with the rest of your home. 

Our services

Thanks to the templates, design styles and installation tips you will find on our Smart Pack website, all your creative desires can come to the fore.

You can either start from scratch and build the kitchen (or laundry, home office or built-in wardrobes) you have always dreamed of at a competitive price or remodel an existing kitchen. Our kitchen templates cover L-shaped, straight/studio kitchen, a galley kitchen or a u-shaped one.

Easy steps

Once you have a plan which includes measuring the room layout and walls, choose one of the templates that best suits your home (and add or subtract cabinets depending on your requirements, as well as their size).

Talk to our experts

You will then need to order your flatpack kitchen, though we can help you at any stage of the process. If you have questions or concerns, our experienced online designer is happy to answer any queries, from the very start of your project – or before you submit your order.

Special offer

We will notify you of your completion date for your order and then you can begin building your new or refashioned kitchen.

We are currently offering customers in Sydney, NSW Central Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong free delivery up to the maximum value of $1000 until December 31. See our website at for terms and conditions.

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