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Flat Pack Kitchen Design – What You Need To Consider?

More than any other room in the house, the way you utilise space inside the kitchen is vital. With the combination of both functionality and appearance, everything within your kitchen needs to have a purpose. With the help of Flat Pack Kitchen Design, you can design and customise your very own dream kitchen, all without the bloated price tags of expensive contractors. If you’ve been considering a kitchen re-design, here is what you need to consider.

The Right Layout

The right layout for your kitchen space is the most important design element to consider. The right layout all depends on the size of your kitchen. Typically, you can break your potential layout option down into one of four categories:

  • U-Shape
  • L-Shape
  • Gallery
  • Straight Line

The U-Shape kitchen design is best for when you have a larger amount of space to work with. It also allows you to have maximum storage space, ensuring you can put away more appliances, dishes and food items in the kitchen.

The L-Shape design can work with both large and small spaces. As it runs along two different walls, you can have it configured to meet the measurements of your kitchen. It also opens you up for the possibility of an island and bench seating.

The gallery is more of a contemporary layout and is more common in smaller apartments. This design is essentially two parallel walls next to one another. However, it can also work in smaller homes as it provides additional storage space within the design.

The last option is the straight line design. This is the most cost effective and works best when you don’t have much space to work with. This includes a studio setup or even within an office.

The Right Cabinets

After deciding on the right setup and configuration for your kitchen, you now need to determine the right cabinets. From tall cabinets to short and wide cabinets, identifying the best shape and size for your kitchen is a must. By measuring the amount of space you have to work with (and where the appliance connections are within the kitchen), you’ll have a better idea as to what cabinets might work.

When it comes to designing your dream kitchen, you don’t need to spend a fortune on cabinets. With Smart Pack Kit, you can design your very own cabinetry layout, all while saving both time and money over contractors.  Check out how to design your new kitchen here.

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