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Why flatpack kitchens are the perfect solution

Smart spending

Some people are quite willing to spend many, many thousands of dollars on a new kitchen, a complete renovation or refit because they believe forking out mega-bucks in the thousands means quality.

Quality is there

While that might have been true once, flatpack kitchens are the perfect solution because that same demand for quality is also there – without having to fork out the mega-bucks. A flatpack kitchen is one that is ready for you to put together yourself or with the help of a qualified tradesperson.

What we offer

At SmartPack, we want your DIY flatpack kitchen experience to be productive and rewarding and that is one of the reasons why we emphasise the quality of our drawers, cabinets and joinery – which is all custom-built, Australian-made and durable, and the hardware comes with a lifetime guarantee.

As well, we offer simple steps towards achieving your new kitchen – whether that be L-shaped or U-shaped, a studio or galley kitchen – and everything is supplied.

In fact, it is what many retailers or installers would offer too, except that you will be the person in charge (or you may work with a mate or qualified friend who knows the ropes), putting it all together as a project you have long wanted to do.

Materials used

Similarly, you might once have had to go to a retailer or specialty store to find quality materials for your kitchen cabinets, drawers, panels or cupboards but, again, that is why flatpack kitchens are a perfect solution because those same quality materials such as melamine, polytec or laminex are what we provide too.

This means you can make your dream of having a fresh and contemporary look for your kitchen come true – at an extremely competitive price – and that is why we believe flatpack kitchens are the perfect solution.

Support & guidance

While we would urge you to carefully prepare your DIY flatpack kitchen project, double or even triple check measurements and really focus on detail and every aspect of the build, you do not have to do this entirely on your own.

We do offer support and guidance and would suggest you to contact us should you have any questions throughout the build as well as when you are measuring and working on your templates online. Plus, we offer online tips, assembly videos and our online designer, Lucrezia, who can assist you too.

So flatpack kitchens are the perfect solution because the quality is there, without having to fork out the mega-bucks.

If this blog has inspired you to get started on your DIY kitchen flatpack project with SmartPack and you would like to find out more about how it’s done, read more at smartpack.com.au.

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