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How flatpack has revolutionised kitchen renovations

Flatpack’s growing popularity

While for decades we have poked fun at self-assembly style furniture, we now no longer blink an eyelid about such products – in fact never have they been more popular. And so it is with flatpack products and how they have revolutionised kitchen renovations in 2018.

Still misunderstood?

It is true that in some quarters the flatpack is still a little misunderstood when it comes to kitchen renovations and this blog is about demystifying that.

Restrictions? No!

Many of us understand that using flatpacks is a great way to make real savings on kitchen renovations, but some of us still believe that this only allows us to do certain things.

Customised is the go

The first myth-buster we want to deal with here is that flatpacks are way more versatile than you might imagine. They can be customised to suit your individual needs.

By using flatpacks you have the freedom to make your flat packs any height, depth and as wide as you wish, meaning you’re not restricted with your kitchen design plans.

Cabinets & size

With cabinets, for example, you’ve got free rein too. You can have any size cabinet you want though there are few points to consider – you need to be aware your product will be the size of a sheet of board – which is usually 1200mm x 2400mm, and some products have a minimum width and depth, but overall flexibility is the order of the day.

Overall look

Another myth to bust is that your kitchen will look different to more professional ones – another aspect of how flatpack has revolutionised kitchen renovations. Your flatpack kitchen is cut using high tech CNC machinery and uses high quality board and hardware – no different to if you were getting your kitchen made by a cabinetmaker. With a bit of clever DIY, there is no reason why your finished kitchen shouldn’t look absolutely stunning and slick.

Quality hardware

A great way to ensure this finished look is professional is to choose quality hardware such as hinges, drawer runners and more. Be sure to find hardware that will fit into your flatpack kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Hired help

Installing a flatpack kitchen will save you money, but some things you won’t be able to do yourself. You will need to hire a plumber (to connect white goods such as a dishwasher, for example) and an electrician for lighting. Remember that stylish lighting can make the difference between an ordinary kitchen and a designer kitchen. Incorporating a few pendant lights, for instance, can elevate your kitchen’s overall look to amazing.

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