Some people get nervous about the idea of installing a stylish flatpack kitchen because are not really sure what the process involves. That’s why we want to discuss the four simple steps you will need to consider with your flatpack kitchen.

Step One
Step one involves planning your flatpack kitchen. This includes looking at the room where your new flatpack kitchen is going to be installed. Here’s a brief checklist.

  • What layout do you want?
  • You will need to measure the walls and then draw a plan of all the cabinets you will want to fit in the space.
  • What have you liked about previous kitchens you’ve owned, and what would you like instead? Writing down a list of your must-haves.

Step Two
This is about thinking about your kitchen’s design. Thanks to templates we have created and designed, this is a less complicated process than you might imagine. You can adjust the cabinet sizes to fit and either add or delete cabinets to suit your requirements.

Working zones
Within the kitchen for example, think about defining and creating three distinctive working zones.

These would include your storage area for your fridge, freezer and pantry. Another zone would be your washing area with your sink and dishwasher and last the cooking zone with the cooktop and oven.

For practical purposes, position these zones into what is called a “working triangle”. A good working triangle will help you move quickly and easily from task to task in your kitchen.

Step three
The third step involves ordering your flatpack kitchen. As you will see on our website, there are a number of steps involved here, take your time familiarising yourself with these.

The first one involves choosing the colour and external finish for your cabinet doors and panels.

The next step is about deciding on the type of hardware you want. There are three choices of Blum hardware: standard, executive and premium.

  • The standard Blum hardware is non-soft close
  • The executive is mid-price, offering soft close drawers with standard hinges
  • Premium offers soft-close drawers and hinges

Another step in step three involves either choosing your own custom design using individual cabinets on the fly or use our online layout design tool. Either way, you will have complete flexibility to edit cabinets.

Look over the sizes of your room and then adjust delete or add cabinets to suit your measurements. You can save, review and edit at any time before submitting your order. The dashboard will always show your saved projects and orders.

When you’re ready, place your order.

Step four

The final step involves the delivery of your flatpack kitchen. Manufacturing time can take about four weeks. Once received, follow our video links to help you assemble your new flatpack kitchen. Easy!

To find out more about your DIY flatpack kitchen and the great choices available to you, visit us here today.

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