DIY pet projects on the go

Open any window in your home and you are more than likely to hear the sound of saws, drills and hammers to name just a few tools your neighbours are probably using. It seems we have all gone mad for DIY pet projects in the kitchen, laundry and home office while being in isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Keeping busy

Perhaps because we have been in isolation for several months now, our DIY jobs are getting done sooner than they normally would with that extra time on our hands as we stay at home.

Setting our minds to doing those DIY jobs is a great way to keep busy and not dwell on the stark news headlines, even as restrictions begin to ease a little in NSW and around the country.

Welcome to your flatpack world

In case you are just becoming acquainted with the concept of a flatpack kitchen for your home, we have to say you could not have picked a better time to roll up your sleeves and get going on installing a new kitchen, tarting up or fully renovating your existing one.

DIY or an extra pair of hands

A flatpack kitchen comes ready for you to assemble by yourself or with the help of a qualified tradie. Our website helps guide you with easy-to-follow steps when you order from us, everything you need is provided for.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to think about what lies ahead – if you go in unplanned and half-baked, you will end up with a kitchen that looks the part – and that includes choosing the right accessories.

Your inner perfectionist

To get the best out of your DIY pet project, your success revolves around careful preparation, double-checking measurements and being a stickler for detail. Let your inner perfectionist have a field day!

Plan everything, take your time, consult with kitchen design experts like us who can help you, and double-check floor plans, wall measurements, ceiling heights, window sizes, light fixtures and so on.

Plenty of flexibility

After you have researched our online four-steps to securing your flatpack kitchen, you will no doubt come to the happy conclusion that they can generally be configured to any space, and they can offer great value for money.

Feel confident with your choice

It is good to know that our flatpack kitchens are all about quality and durability when it comes to cabinets, panels, hardware accessories and doors.

Check out our diverse accessories

As well as a major job such as installing a new flatpack kitchen, you can also do those small DIY flatpack kitchen accessories jobs you have been meaning to do such as: replace drawer runners or slides, add some cupboard or door hinges, install a new double bin, add some kitchen drawer, knob or cupboard handles or cabinet legs.

Pantry options

If you fancy something a little more ambitious when it comes to choosing one of our kitchen accessories, you could order one of our Dusa or Soft Line pantry units to enhance your kitchen storage capabilities or install a lazy Susan carousel.

Just look up to see what we have available at the moment.

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