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Getting those outdoor DIY jobs done

The great outdoors

As we edge closer to summer, consider a range of DIY outdoor jobs such as installing a pergola, building an outdoor kitchen – perhaps with a pizza oven, bar or BBQ area – as well as looking into replacing your existing shed. As any DIY aficionado will tell you, there is always a long list of jobs to be done, as it gets warmer.

Indoor/outdoor harmony

For many, we like feeling that the great outdoors is an extension of our home, with a large deck or balcony area adjoining your indoor living spaces or kitchen, so that you can easily step from inside to outside. Some of us would like to take that a step further with a building a DIY outdoor kitchen, entertainment area, shed or artist’s studio. Few would argue that any of these would add value to your property.

Think about functionality

You may have been hankering for a new outdoor kitchen – a concept that is gaining popularity in Sydney. It could be something as simple as an extension or replica of what you already have inside, perhaps inspired by what you have already achieved with a SmartPack flatpack kitchen installation (congrats!), or something smaller, more casual and funky. It doesn’t have to be everything but the kitchen sink, but you may need to consider what functionality you want – are you aiming for something rustic or more elaborate with a wet and dry zone?

Inspirational resources

With any building project like an outdoor kitchen or new shed, it is a good idea to seek inspiration from a variety of sources – friends, family, DIY buddies, magazines, websites, TV shows – but also know you may need to ask for expert advice.

We get it, as we appreciate that offering our new and existing clients a user-friendly website to navigate paired with expert advice is crucial. This is your first port of call for kitchen inspiration and ideas.

Planning & creating

What we at SmartPack also understand all too well isthe need to plan carefully when renovating or building a new addition to your home. As a Sydney-based flatpack company that specialises in DIY kitchens, laundries, home entertainment areas and more, we know it is important to feel confident before starting a new building project. It has to feel right.

That’s why we offer a four-step online process at where you can look at templates, designs, cabinetry, joinery, accessories and more – for as long as you like – before making any final decisions at the checkout. Plus, you can always call us on 1300 459 305 if you have any questions, or talk to our online design experts.

Spoilt for choice

Like a DIY flatpack kitchen for inside your home, you will soon discover you have many options when it comes to choosing gorgeous designs and materials for an outdoor kitchen, and also determine whether it’s going to be a quick makeover or a project over a few weeks. 

You may want to explore building your own grill island, which is possible to do in one weekend. Or, more ambitiously, you may fancy building an outdoor kitchen bar under your pergola.

Check the red tape

Before launching into building a new outdoor kitchen or shed, be sure to check with your local council whether it needs planning permission.

With sheds, a permit is not likely if it meets certain guidelines based on its size, position and whether it complies with fire safety regulations. If this blog has inspired you to get started on your DIY kitchen flatpack project with SmartPack and you would like to find out more about how it’s done, read more at

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