Smart devices in the home

The Internet of Things (loT) is a concept that many of us saw emerge in industries such as agriculture and transport before it began making its way into our homes.

While we are now used to having a series of smart devices in the home such as security systems and room lighting controlled by apps or “virtual assistants” which tell us everything from the weather to picking our current favourite song, high-tech appliances such as smart fridges are about to shape how your next DIY flatpack kitchen will look.


What manufacturers are making are energy-efficient internet-linked fridges the whole family will love and much of this is based on how house designs are changing.

In a nutshell, consumers now want their fridges to be internet connected and as high tech as their smartphones, TVs, computers and virtual assistants. The day has arrived where you can catch up on your emails and social media as you cook the family meal.

Fridge is an assistant

Not only are the new high-tech fridges geared to making life easier, they are introducing a whole new style of features designed to make them a virtual assistant too including: an integrated screen that can show you what’s inside the fridge when you’re at the supermarket and can’t remember if you have any butter, to suggesting recipes your family might enjoy, or having a list at-the-ready of the items you normally buy when doing a “big” weekly shop.

The fridge can also be where family members leave notes for each other or it can even let you know when the milk is about to go off due to it being able to read the contents’ expiry dates.

Communications centre

Can you see what’s happening here? The fridge is being designed as one of the communication hubs of the home and how you design your DIY kitchen is likely to need to incorporate this in carefully.

Measure the space

One of the things you will need to consider is how much space a new smart fridge will need – many of the newer smart fridges are bigger than what you may be used to so consider how wide, deep and tall a new fridge could be and include space for the doors to open easily; also consider the size of the entrances the fridge will need to get through to get to the kitchen. Remember, too, to allow for power points at the back of the fridge.

Consider cabinetry

Other high-tech fridges have been designed so that they seamlessly fit in with your cabinetry. New fridges are being made with squared off edges and a flattened face.

Sleek design

The overall look is far sleeker because handles are gone and they are replaced with either door notches or simply being blended in with the design of the cabinetry so you don’t think “there’s the fridge”.

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