Holiday kitchen renovation? Get a flatpack system to suit your needs

Holiday kitchen renovation? Get a flatpack system to suit your needs

Reno time!

When you finally get a break from the nine-to-five, you may look forward to focusing on life at home and what you’ve been dreaming about doing during your holiday time off. No doubt that sparks the idea of a holiday kitchen renovation, right? And what better than to get a flatpack system to suit your needs.

The beauty of a do-it-yourself flatpack system is that you can tailor it to accommodate your space, your needs and your likes and dislikes.

Start dreaming

Before choosing your flatpack system, you will need to give much thought to how you want your kitchen reno to be.

Many experts say a key element in making kitchens work well is ensuring that storage is efficient and appropriate. In quite a few cases, kitchens are a lot smaller than they were 20 years ago, which will work well for your flatpack system needs.

What kind of kitchen?

But what kind of a kitchen do you want? What are your household’s cooking styles and how do you use your kitchen?

Some homes use the kitchen as the social hub, others less so, it’s more a spot for a quick breakfast before running out the door, or for making a meal to be eaten in the dining room or in front of the telly.

Quality lasts

How much time you plan to spend in the space feeds into the design and affects the price range with some of the appliances and materials, but it’s worth your while to invest in quality products that will last the distance: you do get what you pay for.

Personality vs trend

Depending on where you live, you might find there is a large diversity of housing styles and people tend to decorate the interiors largely in accord with the style of the house. Some kitchen styles are more personality-driven than trend-driven.

Amazingly useful accessories

When you’ve chosen your flatpack system, and remember that you can choose templates that are geared to work no matter what the size of your kitchen in four easy steps (planning, design, order and delivery), you can then think about some flatpack kitchen system accessories too.

A few kitchen flatpack system accessories to consider include:

  • A blind corner pullout can act as a life-changer by giving you valuable and convenient storage space
  • A benchtop waste bin or a bin it duo – once you’ve had one (or both) of these, you’ll wonder how you ever did without one as it makes keeping your kitchen neat and tidy an absolute breeze.
  • A pullout pantry unit (various sizes available) will help make your flatpack kitchen system storage a dream – you’ll never wonder where the turmeric is again!
  • A lazy Susan carousel chrome unit is easy to fit in existing (or new) cabinets.
  • Quality hinges and accessories such at cutlery trays, cabinet legs, handles, and soft-close mechanisms and lifts are also available at our online store.

To find out more about DIY flatpack kitchen accessory solutions and the great choices available to you, check out the project options here.

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