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Hot trends for flatpack kitchens in 2019

Same, but different

While it is undoubtedly true that each year sees in a wealth of new trends in styles, colours, designs and materials and host of brilliant ideas for kitchens in Australia, one thing remains the same. Flatpack kitchens like ours offer immense versatility, durability and scope. However, there are design and style trends that could influence how you decide to put together your new flatpack kitchen in 2019. Here’s what’s hot right now.

The nation speaks

We like contemporary kitchens the most, according to a recent Houzz Australia survey. It found more than 30 per cent of respondents said this was their most preferred style of kitchen.

Designed to be efficient, minimalist and functional, contemporary kitchens often use themes and elements from both traditional and modern styles. What is looked for in this type of kitchen is a sleek and comfy feel, which is something to consider when looking at our flatpack kitchen templates.

Focal point

Interior designers say that to successfully put together a contemporary look in your kitchen, you need to have a focal point such as with a splashback or a feature wall. As with last year, sleek benchtops continue to be a must-have with either a matching splashback or in a contrasting style.

Island benches go big

Many Aussie families are embracing the island bench in their kitchen reno, but guess what? They’re about to get even bigger! The thinking behind this is that it will offer more storage space and continue to provide that much-loved social hub in the home. 

Declutter your spaces

Another trend, which will make putting together your flatpack kitchen so much easier, is an emphasis on decluttering spaces including cupboards, benchtops and cabinetry. Pullout pantries are also going to be a popular feature as they provide quick and easy accessibility.

Liking those inserts

Growing in popularity are utensil and cutlery inserts, offering a neat and functional solution and as a way to keep your drawers organised 24/7.

Embracing gadgets

As more and more of us feel we have so little spare time, we’re looking towards efficiency and convenience in the kitchen. The likelihood is that we’ll be wanting more smart tech in the kitchen to help make meal preparation faster and easier – and this will cover everything from smart refrigerators to home brewing – so the temptation to use a food delivery app may not be quite so popular!

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