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Ideas for a unique new kitchen look

Perfect match

When it comes to ideas for a unique new kitchen look, it’s an exciting time. Perhaps a little too exciting actually as you’re going to be amazed at the choices available to you as you mull over what works for your space. It’s all about matching your wants and needs with your budget.

Your ideas, the way you want

The advantage of using flat pack options is you can incorporate ideas for a unique new kitchen look without necessarily having to start all over again. After all, with Smartpack, the kitchen design is up to you (with some expert tips and advice to guide you) depending on your layout and it’s delivered right to your front door.

Pick your favourites

Some ideas for a unique new kitchen look are as follows:

  • To add colour, why not find a rug you love? You can choose designs and fabrics such as a hardwearing natural fibre that can withstand foot traffic and you can stop it slipping by adding a non-slip pad to the back.
  • Add a chalkboard or montage of much-loved photos of your nearest and dearest. It can spark interesting conversations when visitors arrive!
  • Buy accessories in a key colour to place on shelves that fits in with your cupboards and kitchen furniture and appliances. Choose a hue that works well without being overwhelming and think about its longevity – will it still look like a classic colour in a year’s time or will you tire of it?
  • Create an indoor herb garden. There is nothing more wonderful if you’re a passionate cook than to have some fresh herbs to pick as you prepare something delicious. A window sill or shelf can work perfectly for this and there are many ways to make your mini herb garden look amazing. If you have a bigger space, living walls are the in thing if you have a bit of a green thumb.
  • A new splashback to update your kitchen’s look and feel can have a big impact.
  • Designers and stylists say all sorts of trends involving bold colours will continue to make a splash (pardon the pun). Options include either adding pops of bright colour or going “maximalist” by using clashing hues. Others say pastels are big as they’re a great way to add fun and charm to a unique kitchen. Or blue. Or neutrals and gold. In other words, what works for your new kitchen!

To find out more about DIY flat pack kitchens and the great choices available to you, visit us here for new ideas.

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