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What is Most Important When Designing your Laundry Room?

The forgotten room

The laundry is often the forgotten or unappreciated room in the house and anyone thinking of a major revamp of the space will probably appreciate the chance to do a complete refurb.

We all know that most laundries are out-of-date, cramped, overcrowded with brooms, buckets, clothes baskets and not enough storage space. These are the sorts of laundries most of us can’t wait to see the back of. But before you reach that nirvana, you need to have to good think about what is most important when designing your laundry room. Think about your current and future needs and how your new laundry room will complement that.

White goods are a priority

The first thing that comes to mind in relation to what’s most important in a laundry design is of course the washing facilities. What white goods, such as a washing machine and dryer do you want to put in your laundry room? Consider whether you want a front loader or top loader. Many people like the idea of a front loader because it is a space saver as you can stack the appliances. And some of us like the fact that you can use the top of a front loader to fold your clean clothes. Think about a dryer and whether you really need one? Many of us live in warm climates where a washing line can do the trick, though if you live in an apartment, a dryer could be vital to the design of your laundry room.

Water supply

Be sure when your designing your laundry room that you bear in mind what will be needed when it comes to the water supply for your washing machine (you may need both hot and cold supplies – check your machine specs) and air extraction for your tumble dryer. And what about a tub when designing your new laundry room? Would doing any hand washing in that space be important to you? It’s a valid consideration.

Storage winners

And of course we’ve mentioned storage. This is a very important consideration when designing your laundry. It is advisable to look at everything you currently store in your existing laundry and work out how much storage space you will require in your new room. 

Clever cabinets

Most of us would probably say more space is needed, but remember that with clever cabinets, you can fit in a lot – even in compact spaces. We offer both a complete cabinet storage solution for your laundry or an upper and base cabinet combo. Have a look at our templates and get in touch if you want to know more about how these can transform your laundry easily, effectively and economically.

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