March Complimentary Tip Sheet - Smart Pack

March Complimentary Tip Sheet

Getting the look and feel of your new home office is important as many of us are now working from home on a more regular basis since the Covid pandemic.

You will need to design a space that is welcoming, comfortable, practical and airy. More than anything your home office needs to encourage productivity, whether the space is large or small.

These tips can help no matter what you’re planning.

Top Location

Whether you are working from home every day or just a few, your home office needs to have a designated space allotted to it. Try and find a room or secluded area away from busy zones like the kitchen and living room you can make your own. If your job involves a lot of phone calls and video meetings – you will need to be able to shut the door, especially if other people are at home too. What’s paramount is building a space that closely aligns with your working style and needs – and designing your own home office gives you a wonderful chance to do this.

Careful planning

Perhaps your dream home office is a replica of what you have experienced in an office building: a large desk/stand-up desk, comfortable chair, desktop computer, hard drive, phone, and drawers. You may want to expand on that because of other needs such as a printer come scanner, filing cabinet and shelves. Now is the time to ensure you are planning this carefully and with the future in mind – as you may end up working from home for the rest of your career.

Tech needs

With a computer, printer, phone and other tech needs, plan your home office so that the cables will run safely to a power point. You might even want to go the extra mile and install a mini fridge (or wine bar!) as well as coffee-making facilities as you may be in a job that requires clients coming to see you.

Neat & tidy

If you know you have a tendency to be messy, the best remedy is making sure you have plenty of storage: even more than you think you need. Drawers, shelves, cupboards are all attainable with sleek space-saving designs, but there is also the opportunity to be creative. Why not build or buy a noticeboard to highlight your goals, current plans, loves and achievements?

Lighting & ventilation

If your job involves starting at a computer screen for hours every day, good natural light complemented by a desk lamp is a must. Aim to be near a window to enjoy a garden view or the streetscape – a pleasant vista to help you think, visualise and concentrate. Though you may be in a room where you can close the door, make sure it does not get too stuffy. Open your windows or put the aircon on as nothing stifles creativity more than feeling like you are wilting in summer or shivering in winter.

If these tips inspire you to get started on your DIY home office flatpack project with SmartPack and you would like to find out more about how it’s done, read more on this site or give Lucrezia a call on 0401 922 292.

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