Flatpack solutions are popular

Flatpack solutions for the kitchen and laundry are increasingly popular for two very important reasons: they’re high quality and they’re competitively priced. So if you’re worried because you have no budget, no problem, as flatpack solutions are just what you’ve been waiting for.

Come of age

There may have been a time years ago when flatpack solutions were a little short on quality finishes and warranties, but customers, investors and home renovators, especially those who love to DIY, have put an end to that.

Go to any large retailer focusing on home renovation and you will see flatpack solutions are front and centre on display, and there are websites like ours who offer ease, convenience, choice, advice and help, and flexibility to suit your needs! And it’s very affordable.

The great news is a kitchen or laundry upgrade is well within reach with flatpack solutions even if you are on a tight budget.

Looking good

Many renovation experts say a flatpack solution can look just as good as a custom-made kitchen or laundry as long as time and care has been taken into planning, measuring and working out the flatpack solutions and installing it properly. This would definitely suit a skilled DIY person or hiring an experienced carpenter or handyman who can help.

Flatpack solutions are generally considered cheaper than a custom-made kitchen or laundry, though you can end up with a look that is hard to distinguish from a custom-kitchen or laundry.

Big or small

Our advantage is that we offer a design that caters to any size – if you want a small kitchen or a large one, our flatpack solutions are ideal for both.

What we offer

We offer an online drag and drop design tool to help with your design needs as well as a flatpack ordering system for kitchen and laundries (we can also help with wardrobes and home offices) which can be delivered. We also provide a 10-year warranty on workmanship.

If you’re a handy person, you can take charge of the whole project yourself which allows you flexibility on when to do the work, plus you are making considerable savings. So remember, no budget? No problem! Flatpack solutions are just what you’ve been waiting for.

To find out more about DIY flatpack solutions and the great choices available to you, visit our online store here.

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