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It may be your first big DIY flatpack project or you may be an old hand at assembling a new kitchen, laundry or home office but even the most experienced of us can get stuck or want more information at some point over a hinge, door runner or the right cabinet material and colour. This is where our online designer, Lucrezia, can help you.


Lucrezia knows her way around the DIY flatpack world and is a wealth of knowledge on everything from kitchens, laundries to home offices and all that lies within. She can also offer ideas and practical tips for your DIY flatpack project and help with anything relating to popular topics such as kitchen storage, materials and function.

Smartpack advantage

She says one of the first things people who contact SmartPack need to know is that the drawers, cabinets and any other joinery is all custom-built, the products are all Australian, the hardware has a lifetime warranty and your finished kitchen, home office or laundry will last you for decades.

She says she has noticed a big rise in both men and women embracing DIY projects as their knowledge and confidence has grown as they are in the throes of “flipping” (upgrading or renovating) a house or room. Lucrezia says in her experience a decent sized flatpack kitchen costs around $8000, which is great value for money.

Getting in touch

There are several ways you can contact Lucrezia. Either via the SmartPack online chatline at or you can call her on 0401 922 292. Lucrezia says customers either want her to “hold their hand” over the entire duration of the project, or merely guide them in relation to a product with queries about joinery including sizing, a drawer runner or specific materials. She says she also gets asked a lot about “innerware” such as pullout bins or a pullout pantry.

You can also email her at or call her if you have started your DIY flatpack project and you’re stuck using the online drawing program. You may want help at this stage so that you are more able to stick to your budget.

Templates checked

What is reassuring is that once you submit your templates, you can ask Lucrezia to check them before they are given the final green light to go ahead and be built (though this is also done by other staff at SmartPack too). Plus, when you are working with the templates online, an error message will pop up if the measurements don’t look right. This is yet another reason to feel confident about the whole DIY flatpack process.

Samples available

Another query that Lucrezia often receives is about materials for drawers, cabinets or cupboards and customers are keen to get more information about laminex, melamine or polytec. Lucrezia can oganise to send material samples to customers in various colours so they can see and feel the product before ordering. Now, that’s customer service!

Long relationship

Lucrezia can stay with a customer from the start of the project right through to completion. It can be satisfying for both parties and Lucrezia is always delighted to see photos sent to her of the finished space – customers often begin a discussion about their next flatpack project with SmartPack then and there!

If this blog has inspired you to go ahead and start your flatpack project with SmartPack and you would like to find out more about how it’s done by the experts, read more at

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