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Simple ways to keep your house cool

Reaching boiling point

We have only had the occasional hot day as we head towards summer in Sydney, but those hot, humid and uncomfortable 35 degrees Celsius-plus temperatures are coming.

It can make your home feel like an oven as you long for the Southerly buster to come through as you toss and turn in bed unable to get to sleep.

Surely there must be a better way? Absolutely! Let’s explore some simple ways to keep your house cool.

Lowering the heat

Unless you live near the ocean and can guarantee a lovely coastal breeze throughout, one of the best ways to keep your house cool is to find practical ways to keep the heat out.

This includes: closing your windows during the day or when you’re not home. Shading windows with blinds or outdoor awnings as well as looking into the cost of window tinting or checking whether your ceiling is well insulated.

Sealing the gaps

If your home is feeling cool and you want to keep it that way, remember to seal any gaps around your doors and windows.

Keeping the heat out of the kitchen

After a long day working, come dinnertime, you’ll want to feel relaxed and cool. The kitchen might offer this naturally just because of where it is positioned in the home such as next to sliding doors that make an indoor-outdoor connection to a patio or garden and allows for a cool breeze. Or it could be that the kitchen gets too warm because it is facing north and is a suntrap.

Considering your options

For this and other reasons you might come to the conclusion that you would like to move things around and renovate – or start from scratch – so that cooking and relaxing on a really hot dayisn’t an uncomfortable experience.

You may want to re-position your cooktop, fridge or sink so that it is in a cooler spot or you may decide to add more windows to increase the amount of light in the kitchen as well as improve ventilation.

Offering great flatpack solutions

Whether it ends up being a minor or major re-do, that’s where a flatpack kitchen can come in handy as our templates will help you reconfigure the space to better suit your needs.

We offer a four-step online process at where you can look at everything from finished kitchen to accessories. Whatever your needs, you will find our easy process a great way to start and complete your DIY project.

Talking to the experts

If you are an old hand at DIY and feel relaxed about a job such as building a new flatpack kitchen or laundry, half your luck. You may feel less confident and want the help of a buddy, builder, carpenter or a guiding voice along the way.

Our online designer at can help answer any questions you may have about our templates, cabinetry, colour schemes and more.

Saying cheers

While overindulgence in a bevvy or ten is not a simple way to keep your house cool, a refreshing gin and tonic – or a non-alcoholic beverage like a soda, lime and bitters – at the end of a stinking hot day is a welcome proposition in anyone’s book, especially if you have a brand-new flatpack kitchen to raise a glass to. We will say cheers to that!

If this blog has inspired you to get started on your DIY kitchen flatpack project with SmartPack and you would like to find out more about how it’s done, read more at

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