New year, new kitchen

So you are probably looking forward to the festive season gatherings and festivities with family and friends knowing full well that you will probably indulge in far too much in Christmas cake with all the trimmings! What better way to burn off those extra kilojoules by starting the New Year with a new flatpack kitchen.

DIY dreams

Don’t worry, a new flatpack kitchen does not mean over-exertion, either physical or mental, but it is a great way to see in 2020 with a DIY project both you and your family have probably dreamed of for quite some time.

You may want to tart up your existing kitchen, start from scratch with a fresh style, look and design that better suits your existing, new or investment property ­­– or this could be your dream kitchen in your forever home.

Save on costs, not quality

You can go ahead with a flatpack kitchen build comfortable in the knowledge that you will be saving a great deal on a new kitchen, but not compromising on quality and finish. Flatpack kitchens have come a long way in the past few decades and we are proud to offer products that are manufactured in Australia and backed by a 10-year workmanship warranty.

What’s also great about SmartPack’s flatpack kitchens is that you can either manage the DIY project completely on your own, rope in the knowledge and help of a builder or handyman buddy, or ask us for some guidance any time by either calling us on 1300 459 305 or talking to our online designer whose chat symbol will pop up when you open our home page.

Easy process

If you visit our website you will notice that we have a clear four-step process from start to completion. Each one has its own link to allow you to open and close it in separate windows, while still referring to the other steps as you go along. That will save you a lot of headaches.

A crucial stage

The first step involves the planning of your new flatpack kitchen and this is where you need to put a lot of your energy and focus. Do this well and everything else will fall smoothly into place. You need to think about the space, the design, the functionality and cabinetry you want in your new kitchen.  Look at magazines specialising in home decoration if you want to be inspired by current trends.

Personal touches

Discuss with your family and think about what has worked in your existing kitchen and what hasn’t. This is the time to see if you can add whatever it is that you have always wanted: a spice drawer, a wine fridge, a double sink, a huge pantry …. the world is your oyster. Remember to use the tabs on the SmartPack website to guide you along at the planning stage.

Suiting your needs

The second step is using our templates to help you design your new flatpack kitchen, adjusting the size of your desired cabinets as you see fit. Our templates include L-shaped kitchen, straight/studio kitchen, galley kitchen and U-shaped kitchen.

Kitchen designers often talk about the “working triangle” which highlights three working zones – storage (fridge, freezer, pantry), cooking (oven, cooktop) and washing (sink, dishwasher). Getting this right will help you create an awesome new kitchen. At this point, you can download our planner and information pack on our website.

Ordering & reviewing

The third step involves ordering your new flatpack kitchen and we make it super easy. You will have plenty of opportunities to review your order before making a commitment, and we are also able to help you with design advice at this point.

Delivery & build

The fourth stage involves delivery of your kitchen, which can take about a month. Once you have your delivery, we have a number of links to make the build smooth including how to assemble and Install guides and videos.


The final stage will involve showing off your brand new flatpack kitchen to all and sundry and seeing in 2020 with a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Well done, you.

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