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Things to consider before your kitchen renovation

Money talks

A kitchen renovation can symbolise a mixture of excitement and concern. You could be impatient for a long-wanted upgraded kitchen but be a bit worried about costs. Here are some things you need to consider before your kitchen renovation.

We all know renovations cost money, so what are some things you can do to reduce costs in your kitchen? Here are a number of tips which will help you think about what’s vital and what’s not.

Who are you?

The first thing is to really ask yourself what kind of kitchen represents the way you live? As many homes now use the kitchen as the central room for just about everything – eating, talking, the kids doing their homework, and even as a home office – the final design needs to try and reflect that. But the reality is bigger, better, bolder can be costly so think hard about what you can do without before narrowing it down to a kitchen that will work beautifully for you.

Appliances & what you really need

You may have heard of that fantastic new fridge which can store your shopping list, but in all honesty, do you really need the latest high-tech whitegoods? It would be far more rewarding to choose a fridge, dishwasher and oven which have energy-saving programs thereby reducing your energy costs.

Is integrated necessary?

Without doubt, an integrated kitchen is a more streamlined look, but it really depends on personal preferences and it is not a hard and fast rule that all kitchens must have that design. Some people aren’t fussed about having everything neatly “hidden” away. Indeed, many homeowners are perfectly relaxed and comfortable with the idea of having their appliances on display.

Save the best

One thing to consider before your kitchen renovation is considering holding on to what already works in the space. For example, keeping the original windows can save hundreds per window. The same goes for the kitchen cabinets. If they are in good condition and a classic style, ask yourself whether some fresh coats of paint would work just as effectively as new cabinets? And simply keeping the plumbing fixtures and appliances in the same locations likely means you can reuse existing plumbing, saving you hundreds, too.

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