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Things to do indoors this winter

Home is where the heart is

Have you heard of the latest hacks doing the rounds on television and social media as we find more inventive, fun and creative ways of spending many hours indoors this winter?

The resurgence of DIY

Well, high on the list of popular things to do for both families and individuals include: making your own butter, completing a 1000-piece puzzle, making your own sourdough bread (you’ll need a starter), progressing with perennial favourites such as drawing or knitting, and doing a range of big and small DIY jobs around the house in rooms such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.

If you ask your friends and neighbours what they are up to these days, it would seem just about everyone has a DIY job on the go!

Kitchen is king

It would also be a fair bet to say that a healthy proportion of the time you will be spending indoors this winter will involve leisure time in the kitchen as it’s often one of the cosiest and more popular rooms in the house.

Over the last few decades it has become a go-to space to congregate to cook, bake, drink, read, listen to the radio, play music, eat and socialise.

Space getting tighter

It would also be fair to say many of us have used our stove and ovens more so than in previous years because we are being encouraged to work and stay home because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Open your pantry: is it more chockers with food staples like rice, soup and pasta than in previous winters?

New skills

You only have to look online to see how inventive many people have been this year in relation to finding new things to do indoors this winter. Pursuits have included the traditional hobbies to whacky out-of-the-box enterprises – one dog owner trained their pooch to play mini golf indoors, for example.

Team spirit

A lot of us are liking the thought of trying to be more self-sufficient and sustainable, so the idea of growing your own herbs or some hardy vegies could be an option, learning new DIY skills around the house such getting everyone involved in painting the kitchen cupboards (if you’re brave!) or testing yourself with different cooking recipes – one-pan meals are all the rage right now – are just some of the great ways of keeping you and your family busy with things to do indoors this winter.

Need a makeover?

During this last month of winter, you may want to ask yourself if you are happy with how your kitchen looks. Would you like to spend some of the season’s chilliest days doing it up? At SmartPack we can help with those large and small jobs – ranging from renovating or installing a brand new kitchen with our flatpack templates or giving the space a fantastic modern makeover with updated quality cabinetry (remember that too-full pantry?) and accessories.

Here to help

Any questions you may have about design, storage, colour schemes, fittings or layout is right up our alley as we are experts in providing a four-step plan to building a flatpack kitchens with our online templates and easy to follow step by step instructions. If you get stuck at any stage, our designer is just an online chat away at

Even more reno options

While kitchen makeovers are popular, you may have another room you want to focus on such as the bathroom, laundry or home office – especially as many more of us are working from home during the pandemic – and you may have realised you need more storage space, for example.  Just look online at for our office and garage storage templates. If this blog has inspired you to get started on your DIY kitchen flatpack project with SmartPack and you would like to find out more about how it’s done, read more at

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