That design buzz

There is always a buzz as a new year starts as stylists and interior designers reveal their thoughts on what the hottest trends will be when it comes to kitchen designs in 2020.

These top global kitchen trends are perfect for those in the market to upgrade, remodel or start a kitchen from scratch when it comes to their own DIY SmartPack flatpack choices. The beauty of the process is you can take or leave any of the trends to suit your home’s needs and style.

Colour is in

Nonetheless, there are some clear top global kitchen design trends for 2020. There is a lot of excitement about colour or at the very least splashes of colour – and they need to be bold. The idea is that somewhere in the kitchen needs to “pop” with an eye-catching burst of colour that says “wow” every time you enter the space.

Darker hues

What’s in vogue in 2020 is to find some area of the kitchen where colour can make a statement like a splashback, a section of a feature wall or a piece of furniture.

Some looks focus strongly on bold black finishes and the use of dark timbers for the cabinetry, a design that can look striking and amazing in the right setting, but it needs to be carefully balanced with skylights, large windows or sliding doors. It would be a major boo-boo to design a new kitchen that ends up being dark and gloomy.

Several designers are pushing for darker hues in more subtle form. They say choose a colour like black, olive green, tomato red or navy blue that can work wonders in the right quantities if your kitchen space has oodles of natural light.

Check in with us

As you design your kitchen, this is something to think about though we can also help you with this as you plan designing and building your Smartpack flatpack kitchen – we have an online designer, Lucrezia, who is more than happy to explore ideas with you. You will see her designer online prompt pop up in the bottom right hand corner of the page when you look up our website,

Modern thinking

Another global kitchen design trend for 2020 (which started to emerge last year, but is continuing to gain ground) is to design a kitchen with its functional elements like a fridge or dishwasher hidden away so that it almost doesn’t look like a traditional kitchen. Some are calling it the non-kitchen or anti-kitchen to emphasise that the overall look and feel of the space is more like a seamless extension of the living rooms in the home. Choosing the right fixtures, finishes and cabinetry will be important in achieving this look. 

Timber and brass

There is also a lot of buzz about combining the natural tones and look of timber, say in flooring or even a sideboard with brass knobs, for example. Or if you are a fan of cooking with brass pots and frypans, finding a way in your flatpack kitchen to display them on a wall or hang above the cooktop.

Traditional look

While the top global kitchen design trends for 2020 are all amazing and allow for plenty of scope for your home (and what we have outlined here is just some of many), there is nothing wrong with turning your back on them for your flatpack kitchen design. If your space is a cosy galley kitchen, for example, you may simply want beautiful white walls with clean lines and practical elements to your storage accessories and cabinetry. Classic designs are called that for a reason: they are always going to work in the right setting.

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