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Trends in DIY flatpack kitchens

Times are a changing

There was a time when DIY flatpack kitchens were the poor relative of custom kitchens. However, thanks to the rise of popularity all things DIY, and accessible products to match that, that’s no longer the case. A properly installed DIY flatpack kitchen will look just as splendid as a custom kitchen. So what are the trends in DIY flatpack kitchens?

So flexible

Flatpack kitchens are seen as the affordable solution while offering high-quality solutions to your renovation – or new build – needs.

But while that is generally well understood, perhaps what is less well known when it comes to DIY flatpack kitchens and current trends is that they are fully customisable. This is great news because it means that it doesn’t matter what size or shape your future kitchen is, your DIY flatpack kitchen can be planned accordingly.


Another element of DIY flatpack kitchens that has also vastly changed with the times is the worry that they are difficult to assemble. Many of us have had that self-assembly disaster moment, but that can just be a memory now. Putting together a flatpack kitchen is a fairly easy job, so don’t be put off by any concerns that it could be hair-tearingly tricky.

You’re the boss

The other benefit of DIY flatpack kitchens is that instead of relying on a variety of tradespeople to install it for you – who can cost a lot and may not be reliable – you can take charge of the project yourself, although there is nothing to stop you hiring a carpenter or qualified handyman to give you a hand.

Flatpack kitchen trends

As for trends for 2017, there are many for customers to choose from. In general terms, there’s a vast array of designs and styles, from traditional or country kitchens to modern kitchens, gourmet kitchens and kitchens specifically designed for apartment spaces.

Some specific DIY kitchen flatpacks trends include:

  • Green is a colour you might want to consider in DIY kitchen flatpack cabinet as this is on-trend in 2017. If you feel that’s too much, touches of green with fresh herbs or pottery works well too.
  • The modern farmhouse look is gaining ground as a popular design theme which could include exposed brick walls, standout patterned tiles, standalone appliances and timber benchtops. If this style is something you feel would work perfectly for your kitchen, your DIY kitchen flatpack can be tailored accordingly.
  • Minimalism is still a much-loved look, in particular creating a kitchen design where major appliances such as the fridge, microwave and dishwasher are cleverly concealed thanks to integrated cabinetry. Again, this is well within reach for your DIY kitchen flatpack.

To find out more about DIY flatpack kitchens the great choices available to you, visit us here or get your project started now here.

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